Tips For Having A Great First Date!

Planning on going out on a first date? Don’t know what you should do when taking out that pretty girl or handy guy you have been crushing out for such a long time? There seems to be always something or the other that goes wrong when you are trying really hard to impress another person. Here are a few tips to help you impress your date. And also an exit strategy if it’s not working!

Dress well and Smell nice
First impression is the best impression is not a saying that hasn’t proved its stance and truth, time and again. So dress well, a semi-formal dress code would be appropriate. However it all depends on the two of you. How you both usually dress and which dress code you both would be happy with. It is a good idea to always drop a hint on what you would be wearing to your date, so that neither one will feel overdressed or underdressed. But the best would be to stick to a semi-formal and subtle dress code. The most important thing is to smell well. Use a good perfume and make sure you had a shower beforehand. Don’t ever go on a first date right after work. A sweet smell will lift the moods and keep both happy. Make sure you don’t have bad breath, you don’t want your date to suffer with the stink!

Decide on a cozy but private dine out
A exclusive private dining in Singapore would be the best place for a first date. The place shouldn’t be too extravagant also unless you plan on impressing with money! If you are a lady, it is ok to casually mention sharing the bill as you don’t want to come across as someone who lives on a man’s money. It will in fact show your independence and most men now love independent women. Usually the man is expected to pay in full for the first date so if your date doesn’t offer to pay up don’t make it obvious. Make sure to choose a restaurant that is within your budget beforehand.

Simple Conversations
Make simple conversations like what the weather is and which is the best Italian restaurant in their opinion. Try to keep the conversation going in flow. If starting up the conversation is hard, a simple greeting at first and helping the lady take a seat would be how a man can start. If your man helps you with chair make sure to thank him. Then you can start the conversation on the weather outside and such matters. Don’t try to get too intrusive on your date’s personal life on the first date itself. There is time for that. Just make sure you both have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Make plans for the second date at the end if you are interested in your date.  For further information you can definitely go here for best italian restaurant.

Exit Strategy
Unfortunately if your first date didn’t go as well as planned and you need to get out of it fast here are some tips. Excuse yourself to go to the washroom and while in make a call to your closest buddy and explain the situation to him or her. And ask them to call you back in about 5 minutes, when you’re with your date and break a bad news to you that requires you to leave immediately. That would seem legit and unsuspecting to your date and he or she would not feel bad on you bailing out. The most important thing is you don’t hurt them in the process. Make sure you call back on your way out for having to leave. And the next day you can tell the over the phone that it was nice meeting him or her in person but you don’t think it is going to work out between the two of you. Always make sure to not be rude and hurt the other person’s feelings.