How To Give Your Apartment’s Bathrooms A Makeover In A Low Budget?

When we go apartment hunting, there are many things that we look for. For some, it’s a friendly neighborhood, or even an agreeable distance from their workplace. For others, it may be flexible policies regarding overnight guests or even parking spaces. And ideally, we’d want to give all the requirements in our list a “tick” before we decide on an apartment.

But there are times when compromising makes more sense. If there’s an apartment that offers you almost everything you want, but has one flaw in it, it makes more sense to pick that apartment, and then work on correcting said flaw. If the flaw in your chosen apartment happens to be its ancient bathrooms, then the tips below will be useful to you in giving it a modern makeover…!

Low budget? DIY all the way!
If you don’t want to redecorate in an expensive way, then it makes sense to do it yourself. Have a look around your bathroom and decide if it’s an assignment that you could do alone, or if you’d need a little professional help. If you feel you wouldn’t have the time, and the condition of the bathroom is poor, then check out your local professionals. Those who offer special renovation packages in Singapore specifically for bathrooms may be able to give you your dream bathroom, for a very low cost!

Start with a few simple changes
If the condition of the bathrooms doesn’t require renovations, then count yourself lucky. This means you might only have to do a little redecorating. Start by observing the existing interior design of the bathroom. If your expenses don’t allow you to splurge right off, consider starting off small and affordable. Simply changing the shower curtains, rugs or even bathroom lights can make a huge difference. 

Don’t underestimate the power of color
If the bathroom looks shabby, no doubt it’s because of the colors too. Check if the bathroom looks like it can benefit with a fresh coating of paint. Even the bathroom cabinets and fittings can get a coating of paint if they too look like they need it! And even if the paint looks fairly good, it’s possible that the bathroom may look better colored in complementary colors (to the floor tiles or even wall tiles). For more specific details, you can definitely click here for best interior design.

And take it a step forwards
What if we tell you that it won’t cost you much to take it a step further and make it look more modernized and even luxurious? What if we tell you that simply replacing your ordinary shower head with an overhead waterfall shower can not only add to the force of the water, but also to the luxuriousness of the bathroom? Even an updated vanity, with lights around it will do the same…