Getting Your Company Safety And Health Management System Inspected

If you want to keep doing business as a company you have to follow a number of standards and a number of rules imposed by the government and certain international bodies. All of these rules and regulations are there to make sure your company is doing the best it can and that all the people working for you are healthy and safe during their working time.

With a Safety and Health Management System inspection or reliable SHMS audit in Singapore you get to know whether you are following the necessary standards right. You also get to let the government and any other interested party know you are following the rules. There are several steps to follow for this kind of an inspection to happen.

Finding a MOM Approved Auditor
First of all, only the government or the Ministry of Manpower approved auditors in Singapore working at approved organization can conduct these inspections. You should know that before you hire anyone. If you hire someone who does not have this qualification the whole inspection process will be worthless. At the same time, all the guidelines and advices you receive from such a person to make your company environment even better can turn out to be bogus advice.

Letting the Auditors Follow the Necessary Process for Their Work
To get the best result from this kind of inspection you should let the auditors do their job just as you let consultants you have hired for ISO 9001 transition tell you what kind of actions you should take. Usually, this kind of an inspection has to follow the process of documentation review, interviewing key personnel and visiting the site. At each of these levels they will be seeing whether or not your company is following the accepted method of creating a healthy and safe work environment.

Getting a Fair and True Result
If you have followed the guidelines set by the government and hired an approved auditor and let them follow their process of inspecting your company thoroughly, at the end of all that you will receive a fair and true result. It will not be biased. It will let you know where you are truly at. This kind of a fair and true result is important if you are to make any progress.

Making sure the safety and health management system of your company is operating at the right level with all the features necessary is important for any company. Therefore, always get the inspections done at the required time by an approved auditor working for a reputable firm.