Getting Married On A Budget

Most couples invest a lot of money on their wedding day and wedding party, often spending all of their savings to make sure they have the biggest party and impress their guests. However, the truth is, your wedding, although possibly the most exciting day of your life, is just one day of your life and therefore, it is important for you to look for ways of having a fun and exciting party without spending all of your savings. In many cases, the parents of the bride and groom will spend the money for the party however, even when your parents spend the money for your wedding, it is still just one day of your life and it is important not to waste that much money. If you are creative enough, you will be able to have just as good a party or even better while just spending a fraction of the cost.

Know what matters
When planning your wedding, make a list of everything that needs to be done and what you need to spend on in priority order. It is important that you know which aspects of your wedding you should invest in and which aspects you can forgo. As an example, you will want to have a pretty dress and therefore, you should allocate a significant portion of your budget on this but on the other hand, no one not even you will really notice your best wedding car decoration in Singapore and therefore, this is something that you can forego or even choose to do something small which does not cost too much money.

You can also consider looking at creative alternatives for traditional wedding aspects because buying the traditional alternative usually costs a lot of money simply because of the word wedding being attached to it. One example is the traditional fresh flower bridal bouquet carried by brides.

If you were to buy traditional fresh flowers, you will find that you will be spending a lot of money because wedding suppliers will usually hike the price when it is for a wedding. Alternatively, you could create your own bouquet using satin flowers or even beads. Another idea is to simply pick some fresh flowers from your garden or a friend’s garden and create a simple yet pretty bouquet that will cost you next to nothing. Even in the case of your wedding dress, you can choose to have a dress that is not especially created for a wedding which will not only be unique but will help you to save a lot of money too.