You Must Understand Your Customers

You must make sure that you understand the way your customer’s minds work when you are running a business. When you understand the way a customer’s minds work you will know how to use this knowledge to your advantage. Your customers will be complex individuals and none of them will be the same. Your customers maybe similar sometimes but they will never be the same so when you are doing things you will have to find a way to please each and every person in order to be successful. When you are advertising your company’s products you will need to get over the problem of selective exposure, selective distortion and selective retention.

The problem of selective exposure

Selective exposure is when a customer chooses what he wants to look at and blocks out the rest of the things. So when you run a marketing message a customer will choose if he wants to look at it or not. The way to get over this problem is by making your messages big, you must make repeat them as much as possible and the most important thing is that you must make it interesting. When you are making a video for commercial make sure that you make it interesting. Get help from a corporate video production. They have very good customer service so you can chat to them before hand and tell them everything you want in this video which will make things easier for you.

They will help you come up with branded content that will help make your messages more interesting. When you get the help of a professional you will get your ideas into your video but with a professional touch added to it which will make it much better.

The problem of selective distortion

Selective distortion is when someone refuses to believe something when it is not in line with their beliefs and values. In order to get over this problem companies must make sure that they always tell the truth when they release a marketing message. In addition to telling the truth the must try to keep their message as simple as possible so that it is easier to understand and harder to distort.

The problem of selective retention

This problem occurs when customers choose what they want to remember and they forget everything that they don’t want to remember. This is similar to selective exposure. The way to get over this problem again is to repeat the marketing message as much as possible so that it gets engrained in the customers head and also make it relatable.